Vineyard List

Pinot Noir

Anderson Valley AVA – Day Ranch Vineyard
Day Ranch Pinot Noir
Located in Mendocino County, Anderson Valley is a 15-mile stretch of valley with winding roads that lead to the Pacific Ocean through redwoods and sleepy towns. Day Ranch is located in the "sweet spot" of the valley between Boonville and the "deep end" along the Mendocino coast. The valley is typically blanketed in fog in the mornings and gives way to warm afternoons, providing for a long growing season producing classic Pinot Noir characteristics. We've known Casey Hartlip, the vineyard manager, for years and sleep well at night knowing he is tending to our fruit from this historic vineyard. We are sourcing a mixture of clones 115 and 667 from this location.
Other wineries who work with these grapes: Goldeneye, Copain, Toulouse and more.

Russian River Valley- Gloria Vineyard
Gloria Vineyard Pinot Noir
Gloria Vineyard is Freeman Wineries Estate vineyard, which we were lucky enough to work with for the first time in 2013. We love what we made last year and are excited to better our efforts. We're thrilled to be working with Akiko Freeman whose passion for wine is matched by her drive to grow some of the best Pinot Noir in the RRV. The combination of steep hillside planting, sandy loam soils and the cool climate in this western pocket of the Russian River Valley create a special place to grow Pinot.
Wines to try: Freeman Gloria Estate

Santa Cruz Mountains – Coast Grade Vineyard
Coast Grade Vineyard Pinot Noir
We have wanted to make SCM Pinot Noir for years now, this year we are thrilled to offer Coast Grade vineyard as our first source from this exciting AVA. Located at 1,600 feet on a southwest sloping ridge only 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the vineyard has high limestone content soils. The vineyard is owned and farmed by third generation Santa Cruz Mountain grape farmer, Jim Beauregard. The constant summertime blanket of morning fog, along with warm afternoons and rare coastal limestone soil promote stunning aromatic development in Coast Grade Pinot Noir. The vineyard is planted exclusively to Pinot Noir, clones Pommard, 115, 667 and 828.

Santa Lucia Highlands – Doctors Vineyard/Lone Oak Vineyard
SLH Pinot
Two vineyards located just a few miles from each other where we have selected a specific mixture of clones in order to create an SLH Pinot Noir. From Doctor's vineyard we have the beautiful and seductive Swan clone as well as the spicier and more tannic Pommard clone. From Lone Oak we have the often intense clone 667.
Doctors and Lone Oak Vineyards are in the warmer end of the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA which is relative because SLH is quite a cool AVA with a very long growing season. Grapes from tis area show more bold fruit flavors than vineyards just a few miles away closer to Monterey Bay.
Wines you should try include Lucienne, Hope & Grace and our own Jazz Cellars

Sonoma Coast AVA - Keller Estate
Keller Estate Pinot Noir
Keller Estate overlooks the Sonoma valley and takes advantage of the cool San Pablo bay to the south and the Petaluma Gap to the northeast. With vines planted along rolling hillsides that are exposed to cool mornings and warm, windy afternoons, Keller Estate offers a perfect location for growing Pinot Noir. The property is planted to a diverse selection of clones and is laid out into two distinct vineyards, La Cruz and El Coro. We have selected a mixture of clones from both vineyards; clone 123 and 115 from the La Cruz vineyard and clones 777 and 828 from the El Coro side of the property.
Other wineries who work with these grapes: Twomey, Flowers, Patz & Hall, Keller Estates Estate wines.
*Keller Estate's tasting room is open for guided tastings by appointment. This is a phenomenal facility and a great way to start your next trip to wine country.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Chiles Valley Napa – Brown Estate
Brown Vineyard Cabernet
Brown Estate is located in upper Chiles valley in the Vaca mountain range on the northeast side of Napa Valley. With only 50 of the 450 acres that the Brown family owns planted to vines, the fruit from this vineyard is exposed to hot days and cool windblown evenings. The sometimes extreme temperature swings help produce phenolic ripeness in the fruit with plenty of balanced acidity. While the Brown Family is famous for their sultry Zinfandels, we are thrilled to be working with Cabernet from the terraced vineyards they have been tending to for the past 30 plus years.
Other producers working with these grapes: Brown Estate, Pug Wine
*Brown Estate is open for private tastings Mon-Fri. Reservations are required and the scenery is well worth the drive.

Coombsville AVA – Krueger Lane Vineyard
Krueger Lane Vineyard Cabernet
Krueger Lane Vineyard is located in the recently recognized AVA of Coombsville in southeastern Napa. We have long been fans of this underappreciated AVA that has produced some of Napa's most amazing wines for years. Krueger Lane is located at the northern end of First Ave. The vineyard is broken into two sections of which we contract equal amounts of fruit. The volcanic soil gives the fruit a foundation of natural acidity and adds a sense of terrior to the wines produced from this vineyard. Expect a full-bodied, deeply colored Cabernet built around wonderful fruit tannins from this site that we consider our premium Cabernet location.
Look for wines from Caldwell or Rocca Family winery to get an idea of what Coombsville has to offer.

Sonoma AVA - Atwood Ranch Vineyard
Atwood Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon
Tish Ward is the "guardian" of this unique sustainable vineyard in "The Valley of the Moon" and another example of a grower/winemaker relationship that we are looking forward to fostering. Grapes have been grown on this property for over 100 years (our vines were replanted 20 years ago) and it is the site of the first bonded winery in Sonoma. The wines that come from these grapes are as deep and dark as the Obsidian that can be found in the soil as you walk the vines.
Look for wines produced by Seamus Wines (small producer) and Schug (big producer) to get an idea of what is possible.


Carneros AVA - Coplan Vineyard
Coplan Vineyard Merlot
This Carneros treasure is located on a bend in the road on Burndale just outside of Sonoma. The owner has recently ripped out half of the vines previously planted to Cabernet Sauvignon (check out the vines on the wall in our tasting room) replacing it with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This location provides a unique cool climate environment for growing Merlot. We made a few barrels of Merlot from this location in 2012 as a trial run, the wines turned out to be amazing and here we are heading into our third vintage. If you are a fan of right bank Bordeaux blends this vineyard will provide the base for a California version of the Bordeaux classic.

Alexander Valley - Warnecke Ranch
Warnecke Ranch Merlot
The steeply terraced vineyard that our Merlot from Warnecke Ranch sits on is technically in the Alexander Valley AVA however this incredible property literally borders four AVA's, The Russian River Valley, Chalk Hill, Alexander Valley and Knights Valley. The Russian River runs along three miles of the property, which lies on a mixture of Haire Clay Loam and chalky soils, that provides unique mineral quality in the wines.
Margo and Alice Warnecke manage this family owned property that began growing grapes over 40 years ago.

*Blending Wine
In addition to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot we typically have Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot available as blending tools. The blending experience is one of the most fun and educational steps in the process of making wine. It is the artistic influence a winemaker is able to impart on the final product. Together we'll taste your base wine and the individual blending components before adding various percentages of the blending wines. We'll taste and discuss each blend along the way. Working with the WineWorks team your artistic skills will be an integral part of fine-tuning your wine before it is bottled.


Santa Barbara - White Hawk Vineyard
White Hawk Vineyard Syrah
White Hawk vineyard sits at 900' elevation on the edge of Cat Canyon just 21 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The proximity to the coast offers foggy, cool mornings that transition into sunny afternoons, a perfect combination for growing Syrah. The sandy soil found in the vineyard provides excellent drainage, which translates to lively natural acidity on the wines.
Other producers who work with these grapes: Herman Story, Ojai, Sine Qui Non

Sonoma Coast - Keller Estate La Cruz Vineyard
La Cruz vineyard Syrah
We had not intended to offer a Sonoma Coast Syrah but after tasting barrel samples of the two clones available from this unique location we were like kids in a candy store and just had to have a few tons to play with. We are sourcing from a small block of Syrah planted to clone 877 and the Syrah "noir" clone. These two clones provide wines with brilliant floral aromatics and a meaty (gamey) component that any Syrah lover will be excited about.
Other producers who work with these grapes: Tandem
*Keller Estate's tasting room is open for guided tastings by appointment. This is a phenomenal facility and a great way to start your next trip to wine country.

Zinfandel and Petite Sirah

Dry Creek AVA– Teldeschi Vineyard
Teldeschi Vineyard Zinfandel
Teldeschi Vineyard Petite Sirah
We are honored to be working with such a historical vineyard and one of the nicest guys to walk a vineyard we've ever met. Ray Teldeschi has been managing this Dry Creek vineyard his entire life and it shows in the quality of fruit he produces. The vines are planted on the Dry Creek Valley bench land above the valley floor. The fruit from this vineyard produces classic Zinfandels that express big dark fruit character.
Del Carlo Winery, Ravenswood and Jazz Cellars are all great expressions of the capabilities of this fruit.

Mendocino Ridge – Mariah Vineyard
Mariah Vineyard Zinfandel
Dan Dooling is old school. How old? He won't say, but from the pictures on his website, he and Vicki were young pups when they planted Mariah in 1981. They coined the phrase "Islands in the Sky", which pretty much sums up the location of their home and vineyard. Mariah sits 6 miles from the Pacific Ocean at 2600' elevation. In order to ripen their wonderful fruit they need to be above the fog line of 1800'. Luckily they have the most spectacular site on the entire Mendocino Ridge AVA, which they co-founded.

And now those lovely, aromatic white varieties…


Sonoma Coast - Keller Estate
La Cruz vineyard Chardonnay
Our Chardonnay blocks at Keller Estate are located in the lower La Cruz vineyard, which takes advantage of the cool morning fog and windy afternoons. We are sourcing from two specific blocks planted to clone 4 and Wente.
Other wineries who work with these grapes: Flowers, Red Car, Elizabeth Spencer and Keller Estate
*Keller Estate's tasting room is open for guided tastings by appointment. This is a phenomenal facility and a great way to start your next trip to wine country.

Anderson Valley – Valley Foothills Vineyard
Valley Foothills Chardonnay
Ordways Valley Foothills and Day Ranch (our Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Vineyard) are neighboring vineyards. 2014 will be our first vintage working with Chardonnay from this location, though we have been working with the vineyard manager for years and have been sourcing Pinot Noir and Gewurtz from this same location. Chardonnay can be such a diverse style of wine to make, a blank slate so to speak. Let it go all through malo's, age it in stainless steel, or neutral oak or even throw some new oak at it, whatever your style of Chardonnay calls for.

Sauvignon Blanc

Russian River Valley – Gianquinta Vineyard
Qianquinta Sauvignon Blanc
Having three vintages under our belt producing commercial wines for boutique wineries from this site we can attest to the quality of this RRV Sauvignon Blanc. As Sauvignon Blanc ripens, the flavor profile shifts from herbaceous green bell peppers to wonderful tropical notes of pineapple and grapefruit. As we go through the growing season we constantly sample this vineyard, planted to clone 1, to optimize our pick date. We make sure that the Sauvignon Blanc has crossed the threshold into the tropical notes before we pick, which usually occurs in late September. The remainder of this vineyard goes to Merry Edwards so we are in pretty good company when it comes to other producers of this fruit.


Anderson Valley – Valley Foothills Vineyard
Ordways Valley Foothills Vineyard Gewürztraminer
Ordways and Day Ranch (our Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Vineyard) are neighboring vineyards, both managed by Casey Hartlip. 2014 will be our second vintage working with Gewurtz from this location. We made a very small amount (two barrels!) in 2013, which turned out so well that we just had to bring it back to make it again. Whether you like yours with a touch of residual sugar or bone dry we're going to make amazing aromatic white wine from this location.

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